Space 8 Captain in the Solar System


Come with Captain 8 to Solar Space for a fascinating trip around the cosmos. Our savior bids you a hearty welcome onboard the improved space shuttle. Get ready to witness first-ever video of this solar expedition with the fearless explorer, Captain 8. You were chosen for this crucial role from among many capable individuals. As a member of the prestigious Captain 8 line of slot machines, this intergalactic journey will blow your mind.

Protect yourself from the onslaught of lightning plays and mind-blowing visual displays by donning your space suit and sun goggles. Section 8 Studio’s in-house space engineers created this top slot, and it’s packed with features like free spins, bonus games, and progressive jackpots that go into hyperdrive. We’re on course to make history as the quickest travelers ever through the infamous solar region. It’s about to get crazy, so keep an eye out for solar storms and alien invasions.

This virtual casino game has more options than you can shake a stick at. Enjoy everything of Captain 8 in Solar Space’s wonderful charm on your computer, Mac, or mobile device. See the screen light up like never before with moving wilds and free spins. Two of the features, a solar flare and a black hole vortex, are meant to transport you to another world. Don’t be sidetracked from your purpose by distractions. We’ll be playing through bonus rounds that feature free spins.

We’ve stated it before: this mission is crucial to the future of the observable cosmos. However, there is absolutely no obligation. Before we outfit you for this thrilling adventure, we must first begin the in-flight simulation training. So, it’s game on, player.


Space shields are activated. Check. All systems go for launch. Check. All right, this is Captain 8 checking in; we have authorization to enter Solar Space. To begin, select the size of your initial space stake. Then, adjust your wager each spin by clicking the plus or minus signs. Per spin, you can wager anywhere from $0.20 and $100. Then, activate the thrusters by clicking the yellow circular arrow spin button. Prepare for hyperspace as we fly through a solar flare.

This slot machine game has a 5 by 3 grid with 243 possible winning combinations. Your mission requires you to lead the crew through a meteor shower and other space junk. We’ve stuffed it with of value-adding extras including a Power 8 Jackpot, Bonus Game, Solar Flare Feature, and Free Spins. The training program’s following section will cover more of the same.

For the time being, let’s concentrate on the game’s high- and low-value symbols.

Signs of Great Worth

Commander 8


Officer One-First Lieutenant

Caused by a solar flare, aliens attack Earth.

Negative Symbols





Don’t forget about all the cool in-game options, extras, and futuristic touches we mentioned. Now, let’s take a look at each of these components individually.


There is a wide variety of intriguing in-game features, functions, and additional components in Captain 8 in Solar Space. Wild symbols, Solar Flares, Free Games, Bonuses, and the exclusive Power 8 Jackpot are all available to players. Come on, everyone, have a look.

Indicators of Wildness

The Gold Shield of Captain 8 serves as the game’s wild card. It helps complete winning combos by standing in for any symbol aside than the scatter (free spins) and bonus symbols. Players may win 300 coins if they get 5X Wild symbols.

Wild Symbols on the Move

When a Wild card is used in a winning combination, it will move to the left by one space until another winning combination can be made.

Sunspots and Solar Flares

A solar flare is an impressive phenomenon that can occur at any time. Wild symbols can replace any existing symbols on the screen.

Bonus Spins Bonus Rounds

When at least three of the solar flare free spins symbols are landed, the player is awarded three bonus spins.

Added Benefits

To activate the bonus round, you need to see three consecutive blue vortex bonus symbols. To win, players must click various on-screen symbols.

The Power 8 Game’s Jackpot

This slot machine belongs to the Captain 8 series of intergalactic slot machines and offers the unique Power 8 Jackpot. The magnitude of this progressive jackpot is based on the amount wagered and the distance from spacetime zero. Your odds of winning the jackpot increase as the number approaches 0.


Our gaming platform has been supercharged for lightning-fast mobile play. That means you can fire up your Android or iOS portable device and play a lightning-fast, feature-packed, jackpot-ready mobile casino game whenever and wherever you choose. Would you have thought otherwise of Captain 8 and 888? The space-ready software may be obtained from either the Google Play Store or the Apple software Store.

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